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Repairs for Computer, Laptop, PC, Smartphone & Smart Home Devices

All technology devices are prone to mechanical failure, hardware damage or software corruption.

We know it is sometimes difficult to identify the cause of failure on a technology device.  A high-end computer that has a very slow performance could be because of a virus infection or because of a misconfigured hardware.  A poor internet speed could either be because of a faulty router or because of an unknown device misusing your Wi-Fi network. An incompatible app on your smartphone could be due to out-of-date software or due to security settings.

With so many possible reasons for a failure, it is unfortunately easy to get the wrong advice and end up paying a lot more for a simple repair.

That is why we offer a full diagnosis and repair service.  You do not need to spend time to find out why your tech is faulty nor do you need to bring the device to us.  

  • We diagnose and find the root cause of the problem with your tech device.
  • We then carry out all necessary repairs to clear the issue identified.
  • We back up and restore your data back to its original state during the repair.
  • If required, we also install any additional software or hardware as part of our repairs process.
  • Every Tech Repair request is a P1, our Highest Priority Request, ensuring your Tech Repair Request is completed in the time agreed.

We help you save time and money!

Tech Support at Home

No need to carry your computer anywhere and no need to wait for days for a repair. We provide an At Home Repairs service, at your chosen time.

Simple & Straightforward

No need for lengthy boring Tech Support calls. Just submit your Tech Device Repair Request. We will find the problem and we will fix it.

Best Price in London

Know what you are paying for. No hidden charges. No hourly rates. We charge a fixed price per Tech Repair request, excluding parts where required.

Passionate Tech Experts

Fast, On-Time & Professional Tech Support. All repair requests include industry best practices. Getting your Tech back in full service is our Priority.

Desktop Computers and Laptops

Computers are an essential part of life.  As we use them nearly everyday, their performance gradually becomes slow and sluggish.  With easy access to the internet, poorly configured computers also become vulnerable to virus attacks and data theft.  The internal components of a computer which are responsible for it to run can eventually fail, causing the computer to crash or freeze.  Hardware such as Keyboard, Mouse, Screen, Desktop Tower, Battery also endure wear and tear or that sudden unfortunate accident.  

When your computer goes wrong, it’s quite easy to panic, especially when you think your photos and documents have been lost.

We’ve got the know-how, tools and dedication to ensure you get your computer back in full working order.  Here are some of the computer issues we repair:

  • Help me set up and personalise my computer
  • Slow running or frozen computer
  • Virus removal and constant pop-ups
  • Broken keys or damaged keyboard
  • Flickering screen or damaged screen
  • Failing to boot up or battery charging issues
  • Constant crashing or Blue screen errors
  • Noisy computer fan or laptop heating up fast
  • Incompatible software
  • Internet not working

Smartphones and Tablets

Your smartphone is an essential part of your life.  Just like computers, their performance gradually becomes slow and sluggish and storage space diminishes greatly with constant usage.  Smartphones and Tablets can also become vulnerable to virus attacks and data theft if they have unknown intruder apps running in the background. 

We’ve got the know-how, tools and dedication to ensure you get your smartphone and tablet back in full working order.  Here are some of the smartphone and tablet issues we repair:

  • Help me to set up my smartphone or tablet
  • Slow running or constant crashing
  • Apps not working or updating
  • Unable to make calls or send messages
  • No more storage space, unable to take pictures or install apps
  • Unable to update Android OS or IOS
  • High Mobile Data Usage
  • Internet not working

Wi-Fi and Smart Home Devices

Smart Home Devices can sometimes stop working all of a sudden sometimes due to mis-configurations or faulty sensors or even out of date firmware.

We’ve got the know-how, tools and dedication to ensure you get your smart home device back in full working order.  Here are some of the home tech issues we repair:

  • Help me to set up my Smart Home Device or Wi-Fi
  • Slower than usual internet speed
  • Smart CCTV System not recording
  • Smart Device failing to send mobile notifications
  • Wi-Fi connection dropping constantly
  • Smart Home Hub not syncing with mobile app
  • Poor or patch Wi-Fi in certain rooms
  • Configure custom actions, such as turn the smart lights on when you reach home, or find your smartphone using your Smart Home Hub

More Quality Time with the Family

Leave your technological headaches in the hands of Bookatechy and you will spend less time waiting for the computer to start up or lesser hassle fiddling with settings trying to get your TV to connect Wi-Fi!

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