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Your data is your most valuable digital asset.


It is easy to think that as long as your data (family pictures, videos, important documents) is saved on your computer or smartphone which can only be accessed with a password, it will remain safe.  However, with the rise in digital financial activities such as online banking, cyber attacks have become increasingly sophisticated and data and identity theft via viruses or data breaches have risen in numbers over the recent years.

Hackers look for vulnerabilities in networks and technology devices to inject viruses and malware in order to steal information.  Some hackers also use Social Engineering tactics, such as calling users and offering to provide technical support or enticing offers, only to access their computer and install malicious software.  There have been 947027517 attacks in 203 countries in Q3 2018 alone.

With the advent of internet connected devices at home and such a large threat of cyber attacks, it is vital to keep your technology devices safe and your digital data secure.

That is why we offer data backups, virus removals and securing your technology services. 

  • We review, recommend and implement measures to keep you safe online.
  • We carry out backups of your files, pictures, videos and we also recover these when lost.
  • We audit your computer for any viruses and vulnerabilities and clean them out of your computer.
  • We understand the impact of the internet on children and we implement technical solutions to keep them safe.
  • Every Tech Security request is a P1, our Highest Priority Request, ensuring your Tech Security Request is completed in the time agreed

Home Security Solutions

No need to carry your computer anywhere and no need to wait for days to get help. We provide an At Home service, at your chosen time.

Simple & Straightforward

No need for lengthy boring Tech Support Calls. Just submit Your Tech Security/Data Request. We will find the problem and we will fix it. ​

Best Price in London

No hidden charges. No hourly rates. Know what you are paying for. We charge a fixed price per Tech Security/Data request, excluding parts.

Passionate Tech Experts

Fast & Professional Techys. All requests include industry-standard backup and security practices. Getting your Tech back in full service is our Priority.

Virus and Malware Removals

Malware and viruses contribute to catastrophic data loss and identity theft.

New generations of viruses and malware also introduce data miners that can store personal information and sell it. That means that if banking or tax information was in an infected computer, that information would spread to hackers across the world in no time.

Viruses and Malware often run in the background, where you do not see the application and they become hard to trace.

We’ve got the know-how, tools and dedication to ensure you get your computer or laptop virus-free and malware-free and we will put it back in full working order.  These are the symptoms of a possible virus or malware infection:

Virus and Malware Removals

  • Programs popping up suggesting payment to remove viruses
  • Reduced performance or frequently frozen computer
  • No access to access files or open programs
  • Internet Homepages changed and frequent pop-up ads
  • Pop-up message asking to pay money to access files
  • Failing to load windows and random programs appearing
  • Constant crashing or Blue screen errors
  • Noisy computer fan or laptop heating up fast

Photos, Videos and Files Backup and Recovery

Family holiday pictures, videos and important documents are some of your most valuable digital asset.

All electronic devices are prone to failure, physical damage and malware attacks. If your desktop computer or laptop were to stop working tomorrow, would you be able to access your holiday photos or that important document that you were working all night on? This is where a secure industry-standard data back-up process is crucial. 

We’ve got the know-how, tools and dedication to ensure that your personal data is secure and backed up in case of failures.  Here are some of the data backup and recovery procedures we carry out:

Photos, Videos and Data Backups

  • Recover data from damaged computer/laptop
  • Backup photos, videos and files from smartphone
  • Configure a reliable and secure automated backup process
  • Carry out data synchronisation between smartphone and computer/laptop
  • Set up scheduled backups of photos, videos and files on computer/laptop

Security of Technology Devices at Home

With the advent of Wi-Fi connected IOT devices such as smart watches, smart doorbells, temperature sensors, Wi-Fi based attacks by hackers are increasing.  Hackers are always on the lookout for system vulnerabilities in order to attack a network or inject viruses, malware or spywares into personal devices in order to steal private financial information.  In the past two years, there have been several large organisations who became victims to such attacks, causing them major financial losses.

The best way to deal with viruses and malware is to prevent them from entering into your system in the first place.  In addition to the threat to data, viruses and malware cause slow performance and crashes, so it is important to ensure that your tech device’s security is both efficient and effective.

We’ve got the know-how, tools and dedication to ensure you ensure your tech devices are secure and blocked from attacks.  We carry out the following steps to implement tech security effectively:

  • Assess and Review Security settings on ALL Tech Devices
  • Review home Wi-Fi network and check for vulnerabilities
  • Change factory set username/passwords on Smart Devices
  • Implement industry standard Wi-Fi security configurations
  • Implement computers, laptops and smartphone security
  • Carry out network and device security tests

Online Safety for You and Your Children

Your personal data and your children’s online safety are equally vital in this day and age. 

Nowadays, hackers can easily get hold of your email account details or your secure files via sophisticated tactics.  Children playing games on smartphones or tablets are also vulnerable to such attacks.  There also instances where young children get access to undesired explicit websites, pictures and videos and it becomes difficult to control their use of the internet.

We’ve got the know-how, tools and dedication to ensure your email accounts and other website accounts are hard to break in, your smartphone and computers are password protected and your children are able to browse the internet and play games safely.  We carry out the following steps to implement your online safety:

  • Assess and review all email and website accounts you use
  • Review smartphones/tablets assigned to children
  • Identify and report on vulnerabilities and potential improvements
  • Implement Multi-Factor authentication where possible
  • Block in-app purchases and set time limits for children's smartphones/tablets
  • Set up parental controls on devices and Wi-Fi networks
  • Implement industry-standard practices to block specific websites or keywords
  • Implement limited access user accounts on children's devices
  • Recommend and implement parent MDM solutions for children's safety
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