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From repairing your slow running laptop and securing your home Wi-Fi network to helping you choose, buy and set up your new Tech device, Bookatechy provides the best value tech maintenance and repair service around, with free diagnosis and Home Tech Repair and Consultation Services.

Computer, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet Repair - Bookatechy


If something goes wrong with your tech, we pick up the pieces and fix it for you.
Just book a Techy!

Keep your Devices and Data secure and safe from hackers by local Techys - Bookatechy


With rising cyber attacks and identity thefts, we keep your tech and your data safe from hackers

Get Purchase Advice & Installation for all your Technology devices from local Techys - Bookatechy


Do you find shopping for a new tech daunting? We recommend and set-up your tech, saving you time and money!

Repair your computer, laptop, smart device with a Tech MOT - Bookatechy

Tech M.O.T

We will carry out a full M.O.T. on your laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet and get your tech running as new!

Repairs for your Tech

We diagnose and find the root cause of the problem with your tech device.  We then carry out all necessary repairs to clear the issue identified.  If required, we also install any additional software or hardware as part of our repairs process.  Choose the device that needs repairing.

Desktop Computers

We repair hardware and software issues. We also personalise and upgrade your desktop computer.


We repair hardware and software issues. We also personalise and upgrade your laptop.

Smartphones and Tablets

We repair software issues. We also personalise your smartphone or tablet.

Smart Home Devices

We repair hardware and software issues. We also install and maintain your smart home devices.

Audio Visuals

We repair software issues. We also install and maintain your audio visual devices.

Home Wi-Fi Network

We repair Wi-Fi connection issues. We also install and upgrade your home Wi-Fi network.

Security for your Tech

It is easy to think that as long as your data (your family pictures, your holiday videos, important documents) is saved on your computer or smartphone which can only be accessed with a password, it will remain safe.  However, with the rise in digital financial activities such as online banking, cyber attacks have become increasingly sophisticated and data and identity theft via viruses or data breaches have risen in numbers over the recent years. 

With the advent of internet connected devices at home and such a large threat of cyber attacks, it is vital to keep your technology devices safe and your digital data secure.

We offer data backups, virus removals and securing your technology services. 

Photos and Data

We recover lost data such as pictures, videos and important files. We also carry out data backups and data synchronisation across devices

Virus Removals and Device Security

We remove viruses and malware from computers, smartphones and tablets. We also set up security for all your Tech Devices.

Safety in Technology for the Family

We use industry-proven measures to implement the highest level of security for your family's online presence.

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